Your car has faithfully served you for many years. It is reliably taken you, your partner and children to work, school & on holidays, through thick and thin, rain and the sun, wind and snow, without ever complaining even when you have filled it with junk and taken it to the local dump. In return for the many thousands of miles of steadfastness, you have had it serviced and tested regularly, kept it fuelled, watered and oiled, and intermittently treated it to a brand new pine-scented air-freshener. You have even lovingly washed & polished it from time-to-time. It has become family!

It is therefore extremely important to make sure that when your car comes to the end of its life, it is disposed of in an environment-friendly manner. In other words, you should ensure that your car doesn’t harm anyone even when it departs.

At the Old Vehicle Removals, car recycling is taken care of very seriously. Followed by careful dismantling, we remove all the hazardous materials such as the battery, sodium azide, and mercury. These materials are disposed of in an eco-friendly manner to minimize environmental impact and the risk of contamination. The shell of the car is then crushed and transferred to a steel recycling company, where it is melted and reused. In this way, more than 75% of your car is recycled.

If you have an unwanted car that needs to be removed, you should choose a company like ours that proffers an environment-friendly car removal service. For further details, contact us today on either of these phone numbers: (08) 8182 3300 or 0498 491 019.

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