Old Car Removal in Adelaide: Sell the car on your own!

When your old car is no longer roadworthy, that does not mean it is not worth any cash. No matter how old your vehicle might be, there is still a chance to get cash for Old Car Removal in Adelaide. Your financial status and the condition of your old car are in all probability the most significant variables for it.

If you are running out of cash and want to get rid of your old car, you might be looking at an easier and quicker option to get rid of it. On the other hand, if the car is in healthy condition and you have all the time to sell it, you can be looking at a bigger payout. In either case, follow these methods for great ideas about carrying out Old Car Removal in Adelaide.

You can still recoup some cash even if your old vehicle is:

Broken down


Rusted out

There is a huge market for buying unwanted cars in Adelaide. Before you try to trade or sell your old car, follow these steps to increase your chance of getting the best price. Know that selling it rather than trading it in, or selling your old car to a used car dealer will most likely fetch you the best price.

Step 1 – Check the value of your old car online. Check the popular websites to see what price your old car is selling or trading for. Ensure you match the model & condition of your car to that of others as best as you can. From here, you could determine a fair price to start the negotiation from.

Tip – Whether you’re carrying out Old Car Removal in Adelaide by selling it privately or looking forward to trade, negotiation is a must. When deciding on what price you think is fair, you should think about raising your asking price by another 10 per cent so that you have room to negotiate and also a better chance of arriving at the desired selling price.

Step 2 – Get all the paperwork in order before going for Old Car Removal in Adelaide is a must. You’ve got to have all the needed paperwork to sell your old car for legal reasons and for the satisfaction of the buyer. It will be a shame to arrange a sale and have to postpone it or cancel it because of missing paperwork.

Tip – As a general guideline and ruling, be prepared with the title, maintenance records, bill of sale, a release of liability, warranty information, and as-is documentation. All of the above are important for Old Car Removal in Adelaide.

Step 3 – Clean your old car. Wash & wax the car to offer potential buyers an awesome first impression. Thoroughly clean the windows & vacuum the inside of your old car, and make sure to get rid of car smells.

Tip – Sprinkle baking soda into your old car on a free weekend and leave it for a day before you vacuum it up again.

Step 4 – Do basic servicing and maintenance. You can really increase the chances of selling it by getting basic maintenance done. Change the transmission fluid, the oil, and top off all the other fluids such as the washer fluid & radiator fluid. If you aren’t comfortable changing fluids on your own, contact a professional to help you. If it requires an alignment or tire rotation, or if you have to adjust tire pressure, have that done too before you go for your Old Car Removal in Adelaide.

Tip – Have your old car inspected from the buyer’s perspective. A qualified mechanic can locate some small, cheap fixes you can do on your own. When it is time to advertise your old car, you can use these upgrades in the form of selling points.

Step 5: Advertise your old car locally, and in as many areas as possible, like online classifieds, be sure to encompass pictures. Make use of newspaper classifieds or post-sale sign on the window of the car. Highlight the best qualities of your old car in your advertisement, such as ‘new tires,’ or ‘low miles.’ Make use of catchy phrases like ‘OBO’ (or best offer), or ‘must sell.’ If you are the original owner of the car, people really like to know that and it eases Old Car Removal in Adelaide.

Make sure your advertisement is honest, clear, and straightforward. People who are purchasing privately are in all probability doing so because they do not want to deal with sales tactics, so do not turn them off with persuasion!

Warning – If you are advertising online, it is always safer or rather safest to deal locally. Do not respond to clients asking you to ship the car elsewhere. Likewise, do not respond to customers offering to pay by a wire transfer or personal cheque. If you receive a response by email, pay proper attention to the spelling & grammar to help determine its authenticity. Customers who offer you the asking price before arriving to physically see the car are in all probability scammers.

Step 6: Be safe while carrying out Old Car Removal in Adelaide. If a person offers you a phone number in an email, make contact them. If the conversation is pretty normal, arrange a time & place to meet. Never give out your address. It is much safer to fix a time and meet in a public place. Your life is much more precious than a wad of notes. Be very careful and do not be greedy at all!

Step 7 – Get the best offer for Old Car Removal in Adelaide. If you have decided to trade your car in, you will want to locate different old car dealerships in your locality and ring them up to try and crack the best deal.

Depending on the condition of your old car, rather than driving it all around and showing it to various dealers, try to get a ballpark quote over the telephone first. If the price seems right to you, schedule a time to go in and show your car to the dealer. Remember you should always be honest about the condition of your old car over the telephone. You cannot fool anyone when it is time to show it before you execute an Old Car Removal in Adelaide.

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