Do you have a car nestling for years in your backyard or on the by-lane beside your house? Has it been troubling your temples for quite a long time? Get rid of your worries and your car by getting in touch with the Old Vehicle Removals.

It hardly matters to us, the condition in which your car is. Whether it is a salvage removal, a wrecked car, an old, damaged piece of junk, we buy it all! We have all-embracing experience, from removing crashed cars to broken down cars, and old bombs that haven’t shifted even an inch for the last 10 odd years. As soon as you inform us, we dash to the location and get your idle car removed. We believe in the same day service because ‘tomorrow never comes’!

Talking about the business aspect of it, we pay you a good sum of money for it. Before our free pick-up service does its job, we give you a clear estimate of the amount of cash you will receive from us. Thereafter, we arrive at the location, hand over the amount to you and remove the car in a quick, hassle-free manner.

Drop us a line for a quick and easy car removal in the city of Adelaide. To acquire more information related to our services, give us a buzz right away!

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